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I ended up buying a bunch of last minute stuff today meaning there was a sale on and I bought clothes and travel stuff also headphones for college so that’s nice. Had an orthodontist appointment and got nailed in either side of my bottom gums with the wire off my braces so my mouth is hella sore now thank you, then came home, re-packed, cleaned, cleaned some more, ate and now I have to do some more stuff with my ipod before going to bed since we have to be up at 3 ;m; I’ll probably only get to check in once tomorrow and when we get to Brisbane but I wont abandon the blog please don’t leaVE





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The Northern Cascades, Washington State


See with something like that its understandable to be a little confused, but I mean if they knew they were able to sneak around people already, I’d get frustrated with them too



what is white culture

clapping after an airplane lands

Ok I’m sorting out my ipod and then I’ll try set up a queue but It’s pretty late and I’m pretty tired and I have a busy day of like last minute stuff tomorrow so idk I might not get to do a queue BUT if I have good enough internet and enough time during lay overs I’ll try do it then and if not idk I’ll have internet at my aunts so when I’m there I’ll keep the blog busy??? Best I can do.

God the DA: Inquisition soundtrack is so goOD

OK but Fetch 100% casually flirted with Delsin for the entire climb up the DUP tower and I love her even more.

Who cried their eyes out through the end of Second Son? thiS NERD.

Is it just a coincidence that Songbird looks a lot like a Big Daddy and Elizabeth is dressed in the same colours as some of the the little sisters?? Or am I thinking too much into this..


Originals added to online store!

Thanks for the support! C:

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