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I feel like you should have a picture of yourself posed outside one of the stores

I didn’t even know you guys had Zara and I’m still like ‘heheh’ inwardly every time I see one I’m never going to let you forget your name is very similar in spelling to that of a clothes store. And a god damn expensive one at that.

Aaand before I go to bed I’d like to draw your attention to mine and Zahra’s matching icons one last time because they’re still hella cute thank you.

I get through watching P.T let’s plays by covering the entire screen except for the face cam, having one headphone in and sitting beside my mom.

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….was it really necessary to make him that attractive? he has two lines, is on screen for less than five seconds, has no name and probably will never get one so why did you feel the need to make him so fucking pretty? that’s unfair…

guys. this is a real person. 


JRPGs are the last true art form


This Icelandic police force has the most adorable Instagram account 

Meet the Reykjavík Metropolitan Police, serving the capital of Iceland. By the looks of their incredible Instagram account, a normal day includes holding kittens, eating candy and wearing false mustaches.

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*protestation intensifies*



does ke$ha go by k€sha in europe 

i dunno ask

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Vegans schooled by Big-Tity Honker’s

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